PPC certificates - New responsible the installer declaration

The periodic testing and retesting on your electrical and electrical installations is binding by Law no. 4483/1965.


Proper maintenance is essential for the safety of your life and your personnel, but also to protect your property.

We provide electrical installation test certificate according to the new Greek model HD 384.

  • What is included in certificate?Solemn Statement licensed electrician Installe
  • Report of Performance Electrical Installation
  • Electrical Installation Control Protocol according to ELOT HD 384
  • Electrical Installation Control Protocol according to ΚΕΗΕ (for facilities before March 2006)
  • Single line plan of electrical panel installation
  • The plan to switch positions, lighting, sockets
  • Checking with earthing meter
  • Panels Control  with Thermal camera FLUKE

When is necessary?

The certificate is now essential:

  • Νew power supply
  • Change consumer name
  • Reconnection of power supply
  • Power Augmentation
  • Transfer of the electrical meter
  • Add nighttime power

What documents are required?

  • A copy of the floor plan of the building    
  • A copy of the last PPC bill