The regulations require the construction of earthing protection, to avoid the risk of electric shock or fire.

Hypertension is the leading cause of serious jeopardy of electrical appliances such as malfunctions, destruction of equipment and downtime, which may be derived either from the main power net or by lightning.

To solve this problem is necessary to proper earthing system made of appropriate materials for both the safety of your people and your electrical devices.

As part of safety of discharging power is the lightning protection system.

We must take seriously into account that 90% of sockets electrifies sensitive equipment, which an overvoltage can destroy.

A complete lightning protection system consists of:

- The external protection system (lightning conductor, downcomer, earthing electrode) and
- The indoor installation protection (connect devices to earthing system, extractors overvoltages).

After looking the requirements of your equipment, we will recommend the right solution for the security of your premises.