The LED light beautifies and brings out aesthetically any indoor or outdoor area, while providing energy saving solutions.

The variety and types of LED make them ideal for every kind of space both indoors and outdoors, at home, at work, in stores, in industries etc.

There are products that can serve every need and requirement of the area given and the client such as:

- Lamps for lighting accents
- Βars for vertical surface lighting
- Ηeadlights
- Strips for recessed lighting
- Flexible strips for outlines

Let's illuminate, then, your place as you dreaming of it.

Our company imports and sells wholesale LED products guaranteed with excellent quality and is subscribed in producers' registers of electrical and electronic equipment in P.N. 0749 based on the provisions of ar. 6 of L. 23615-651-E.103 .



Flexible LED tape



LED spot and bulbs


LED lightning consisting of bells with cold light


 LED headlighhts of 10, 30 and 50 watt in silver and grey

frame with warm and cold light


LED headlight of 100 watt


LED headlight of 50 watt in black frame


Bell of LED lightning of 30 watt with warm light